Real Estate

CHH identifies both the opportunities and trials that real estate matters can present to clients – nothing can influence a business like real estate dealings.

Our firm focuses on developing a comprehensive understanding of the variables that affect commercial property interests. We also pay close attention to how those implications can affect our clients’ business. From attainment and financial backing through expansion or leasing, we know the difficulties to circumvent and seek resolutions that get a deal closed efficiently.

We also help our clients with financing structures that include tax abatements, tax credits and special bond financing. We pride ourselves on being part of your team, seeking the right answers, closing gaps, and getting our client to the finish line.

Our Real Estate practice services include:

  • Industrial/Commercial/Residential Real Estate
  • Government Enticements
  • Real Estate Construction/Development
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Real Estate Asset / Equity Management
  • Land Zoning & Easements

Practing Attorneys

Greg P. ChansolmeAndrew R. Harroz